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Commercial Lawn Care

Trim, Mow, and Blow is Not the Same Wherever You Go

We separate ourselves from the rest on three principles: Qualified, Cost and Caring. These three principles are the core of OLVERA'S LANDSCAPING PRO service.


Qualified: Do we have the right equipment and skilled team members to complete your project?


Cost: Can we match your property maintenance needs with a budget that falls in line with your expectations?


Care: I have said it over and over again – I can teach anyone how to do landscaping, but I can not teach a single person how to care about their work. Because of this core belief, OLVERA'S LANDSCAPING PRO carefully selects individuals that care about quality work, care about the customer, and of course, your project. We invest years of training into our team members’ skills in not only landscaping but also customer service. So, rest assured that our guys will go the extra mile. We like to say that our employees show up because they care, not just for a paycheck.


Lawn Maintenance Packages

We tailor a maintenance package that not only reflects the specific needs of your property but also matches your budget.

Mowing Begins in May and Runs Through October

Trim, mow, and blow every time. Every outing we make sure to trim all the edges, mow in a compaction-free method — which means alternating cutting patterns as necessary and blowing away all grass clippings around the property.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Some things are better left to the experts. This includes applying chemicals to your grounds. That's why we carefully choose to team up with select companies that only do commercial fertilization and weed control routines. This is a highly specialized field, that's why we only work with companies that focus on this industry so our customers can feel comfortable knowing they are in expert hands. Jack of all trades master of none is a common term applied to some companies that try to offer all services to everybody. Instead of being the best at some things they end up mediocre at all things. Not at GT. Our specialty is in commercial grounds maintenance and hardscaping. We let the licensed experts apply the right chemicals to keep your lawn green and weed-free. The professional fertilization program we recommend consists of three main applications. The first one in early spring as a pre-emergent, followed by two maintenance applications during the height of the growing season. This program Like all of GT Lawn’s maintenance can be tailored specifically to your property. Your grounds maintenance manager will come up with recommendations to fit your individual needs.

Tree and shrub pruning

Not all plants are created equal, and they shouldn’t be trimmed as if they are. Pruning and shaping must be carefully crafted to match your plants’ needs at the correct time of the season. Aesthetic trimming can be offset with rejuvenation trimming to keep your plants at the peak of their health, and looking their best.

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